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  • kiran

    Conversations with the Talibés

  • buaro

    A Possible Dream

  • tornade

    A Cyclone Hits Maison de la Gare

  • couture

    Sewing for Life

  • lala

    Lala Sène – An Extraordinary Senegalese Volunteer

  • volontaires

    Maison de la Gare’s Incredible Volunteers

  • bookh

    The Trip of a Lifetime

  • oyen

    Christmas in Saint Louis

  • Elhage

    A Talibé Giving Back to the Talibés

  • NU

    We are changing lives at Maison de la Gare

  • joy

    Treasured and Troubled Memories of Maison de la Gare

  • robbiekarate

    How to Change the World by Doing What You Love

  • prison

    A Prison for Children

  • mbayeawa

    Into the Bush, in Search of an Education

  • isefac

    Making a Difference

  • yerilsow

    Marabout Thierno Yéril Sow

  • journeetalibes

    Talibé Day - A Time to Celebrate, even in Sadness

  • issaba

    From Begging to a Promising Future

  • ronde

    "For the love of God, why must they?"

  • chuck

    Sometimes It's a Grandfather's Love that is Needed

  • gandiol

    A Day to Repeat!

  • hrw

    “I Still See the Talibés Begging”

  • alessandra

    She Made the Children Smile

  • ndogou

    Ndogou – A Stress-Free Ramadan for the Talibé Children

  • xavier

    A Canadian Nurse Discovers the Talibé Children

  • fissure

    A First Crack in the Dam

  • naranjo2

    The City of Begging Children

  • naranjo1

    A Place to Play Instead of Begging


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