Maison de la Gare benefits in many ways from its committed Senegalese and international partners. All of these partners work to support our development and to publicize our work in support of the talibé children. However, their true strength lies in working together day by day in support of our common goals.

Asociación Jerejef Senegal
Burlada, Navarre, Spain
Contact: Amaia Alonso Sanchez
Web Site:

e-Mail: burlatako@hotmail.com

Asociación Un Petit Pas
L'Escale, Catalonia, Spain
Contact: Lydie Teixidor Font, Mònica Pons Ballesta

Dakar and Saint Louis, Senegal
Contact: Amadou Dione
Web Site:

e-Mail: concept@orange.sn

Delegation of the European Union in Senegal
Dakar, Senegal
Contact: Mme Coumba Payé, Tel: (221) 33 889 11 00
Web Site:

e-Mail: coumba.paye@eeas.europe.eu

Global Fund for Children
Washington, U.S.A.
Contact: Emmanuel Otoo
Web Site:

e-Mail: eotoo@globalfundforchildren.org


Washington, U.S.A.

Contact: (1) 202 232-5784

Web Site: http://www.globalgiving.org

GlobalGiving UK

London, U.K.

Contact: (44) 207 842 8542

Web Site: http://www.globalgiving.co.uk

Madda - Marseille Aide au Développement Durable Agro-écologique

40 avenue de Saint Antoine, 13015 Marseille, France

Web Site: http://www.asso-madda.org

e-Mail: madda@asso-madda.org

Rev. C.F. Johnston Foundation
Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada
Contact: Rod LeRoy

Travel arrangements for Maison de la Gare and its volunteers
Saint Louis, Senegal
Contact: Souleymane (Jules) Diop
Web Site:

e-Mail: contact@senegal-lib-tour.sn

United Nations Human Rights Fund

for the Struggle Against Contemporary Forms of Slavery

Geneva, Switzerland

Contact: Philippe Tissier

Web Site: http://www.ohchr.org

e-Mail: ptissier@ohchr.org

Univers de l'enfant

Saint Louis, Senegal

Contact: Idrissa Diallo


Maison de la Gare is grateful to other organisations which have contributed to its development in many ways over the years

ACED-Sud (Alan Guérini)

Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust (U.K.)

Ammer Foundation (Germany)

Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (Senegal)

Deeda Productions (USA)

Health Partners International Canada

Oxford Friends of Senegal (United Kingdom)

Rotary International - Stockholm (Sweden)

Streets of Hope Charity (USA)

Sustainable Development Group International - SDGI (Sweden)

United Kingdom Talibé Project (UKTP)