Issa Kouyaté: President

Maison de la Gare grew from Issa's vision for improving the lives of the talibé street children. Following studies in Business Management and Social Sciences at Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, Issa worked in several different positions before starting Maison de la Gare with several friends in 2007. As president, he provides overall leadership for the organisation and manages internal operations and external relationships.

Tel.: 221 77 534 06 60

Ndèye Aby Bâ: Street Child Educator

Holding several advanced study certificates, Aby completed her training with an internship at AEMO, the government agency that deals with street children. Aby works with the children in Maison de la Gare’s emergency dormitory, preparing their case files and supporting them when they return to their daaras or to their home communities.

Noël Coly: Activities Manager

Noël has a degree in Information Technology. He is responsible for tracking and recording the arrivals and departures of children in Maison de la Gare's center and their participation in the center's activities, supporting them in these activities in every way that he can.

Awa Diallo: Responsible for health and hygiene programs

A graduate in health and hygiene, Awa worked in nursing care and emergency care for different organizations in Saint Louis. She provides medical care and hygiene support to the talibé children, both in Maison de la Gare’s center and in their daaras.

Adama Diarra: Administrator

Holding a degree in Modern Literature from Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, Adama jointed Maison de la Gare as a Child Street Educator working with the children in the emergency shelter. As Maison de la Gare's administrator, she is the point of contact and coordination for all of the organisations activities.

Aïda Dieng: Teacher

Before joining Maison de la Gare, Aïda worked for six years as a teacher and animator with Fondation Paul Gérin-Lajoie. She holds diplomas in computer skills and marketing. Aïda is responsible for literacy classes for the intermediate-level classes at Maison de la Gare's center.

Baye Ndaraw Diop: Coordinator, Microfinance Program

Formerly the director of the government agency responsible for vulnerable children in Saint Louis, Ndaraw manages our microfinance program, providing interest-free loans and entrepreneurship training and support.

Tel.: 221 77 613 76 23

Bouri Cherif Mbodj: Teacher

Having served as a teacher for talibé childen for four years with Fondation Paul Gérin-Lajoie, Bouri came to Maison de la Gare with a strong understanding of these children and the best approaches for teaching them. She is teaching the senior talibé students in Maison de la Gare's classrooms.

Cheikh Abdoulaye Ndiaye: Mentor, Poultry Farming Program

Trained in microfinance and poultry farming, Cheikh Ablaye developed the concept of Maison de la Gare's poultry farming apprenticeship program. He now leads this program, working closely with apprentices.

Oumou Samb: Cook

A native of Saint Louis, Oumou holds an elementary school graduation diploma as well as a tailoring certificate. Building on her extensive exprience as a cook for a numer of Saint Louis businesses, she prepares meals for the children living in the emergency shelter and nutritious snacks for the participants in the center's programs.

Abdou Soumaré: Responsible for educational programs

Abdou has a diploma in information technology and experience with teaching young children. He is responsible for teaching basic literacy to the youngest children in Maison de la Gare's center, including those who do not know at all how to read, giving them the opportunity to take full advantage of their right to an education.

   Talibé Staff Members

Several older talibés have accepted positions of responsability on Maison de la Gare's staff:

Issa Bâ
Maintenance and Hygiene Assistant

Originally from Kolda in the south of Senegal, Issa has grown up with Maison de la Gare. He is becoming more and more involved in leadership, including taking responsability for cleanliness of the emergency shelter and helping the younger talibé children with washing their clothes and other hygiene measures.

Kalidou Baldé
Tailoring Program Leader

Kalidou is one of the talibés who has grown up with Maison de la Gare, beginning with literacy classes in the old station. He has been an apprentice at Baka Fashion for several years and is now a leader of our new tailoring program.

Elhage Jallow
Health Care Assistant

Elhage has participated in Maison de la Gare’s programs for many years, an avid karate enthusiast and, more recently, a dedicated apprentice in the tailoring apprenticeship program. He leads regular health-care circuits of Saint-Louis’s daaras.

Arouna Kandé
Administrative Assistant

Arouna came to Saint Louis from Kolda in the south of Senegal in 2006. He is currently in secondary school and intends at any price to complete his education. Arouna is a model and an inspiration for the younger talilbés.

   Valued Volunteers

Volunteers have made crucial contributions to Maison de la Gare's development since its beginnings. Those currently involved include:

Idrissa Diallo
Street Child Educator

The founder of Univers de l’enfant, Idy has worked for years with Issa Kouyaté and Maison de la Gare in finding and caring for street children. He also leads awareness campaigns throughout Senegal.

Baka Fall
Tailoring Mentor

The owner and operator of Baka Fashion, Baka aided development of Maison de la Gare’s tailoring apprenticeship program and devotes many hours a week to guiding the tailoring apprentices.

Mamadou Gueye
Street Child Educator

Mamadou is a member of the team charged with finding and caring for street children. He also leads awareness campaigns throughout Senegal.

Lalla Sène
Professional Soccer Player and Coach

A member of Senegal's national woman's soccer team, Lala organizes soccer tournaments for the talibé children, coaching them to improve their skills. She also works with the children at the center whenever she is available.

Thierno Yéril Sow

Marabout Sow supports Maison de la Gare in finding and returning street children, and in relationships with other marabouts. He is a shining example of the relationships we strive to establish.